Winter Sales (2013)

Discussion in 'Games !!!' started by Cosmo_1847, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. Cosmo_1847

    Cosmo_1847 Kiss of death

    Aug 28, 2004
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    Hey All. I seem to have dived into PC gaming a bit more this winter with the sales. I ran out of hard drive space and had to connect a spare drive I had lying about. What games have you bought this winter sales?

    • Deux Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut (£3.24)
    • DmC: Devil May Cry (£7.49)
    • Far Cry 3 - Deluxe (£6.24)
    • PAYDAY: The Heist (4 pack - £4.49)

    Humble Bundle Store
    • Papers Please ($6.66 USD)
    • Game Dev Tycoon ($6.69 USD - £4.18 GBP)

    I've switched from my 1680x1050 to 1080p monitor because it's taller so it doesn't do my neck in. It is, however, doing my graphics card in as my ATi FireGL V7600 is struggling to his 30fps sometimes on Far Cry and Deux Ex on low settings.
  2. Bryanese

    Bryanese Tasted LAN and liked it.

    Jul 5, 2010
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    I've been good this sale which is a bit of a shocker.


    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – £4.07 (been wanting for less than a fiver for AGES)
    Long Live The Queen – £3.49 (because I want to be queen and this is my best bet)
    Evoland – £1.74 (looked cool)
    Shelter – £1.74 (looked beautiful)

    I'd like Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing Transformed if it went for three quid odd again. Few other things tempting me. Another World would be cool but I have it on the Sega Mega Drive. Ys I & II Chronicles would be nice if it wins the Community's Choice. : )
  3. Khan

    Khan Formerly 'RuHeL'

    Oct 13, 2004
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    Me and my mate spend almost a bill on the sale, tons of decent games going for less than a £10!

    My recent purchases -

    Anno 270 + All DLC
    Dead Island + All DLC
    Natural Selections 2
    Planetary Annihilation (Still in beta build)
    Civ 5 +All DLC
    SimCity 4 (kinda crap lol)
    DayZ (Best game I played since Wow!)

    My steam idd is Khan1721984 if anyone wants to game, I have a private voice app as well.