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    Please contact an admin for any modifications to this thread. Updated 3rd April 2007 with contributions from Tom Hill and cosmo_1847


    - Debian
    - Gentoo
    - Knoppix
    - Red Hat
    - Mandriva
    - Slackware
    - SuSE
    - Turbo Linux
    - Ubuntu | Kubuntu | Xubuntu
    - OpenSUSE
    - Fedora
    - Kororaa (also provided is an AIGLX/XGL-accelerated Live CD)
    - Yellow Dog Linux (x86/PS3 versions available)
    - Freespire (free version of the infamous Lindows project)

    GNU BSDs:

    - FreeBSD
    - NetBSD
    - OpenBSD

    Specialist Distributions:

    - FreeSco a free replacement for commercial routers supporting up to 3 ethernet/arcnet/token_ring/arlan network cards and up to 2 modems.
    - Freevo digital video jukebox for PVR & DVR based systems.
    - IPCop router/firewall software for use on that old computer gathering dust.
    - MoviX make a media cd bootable & self contained
    - Myth TV like Freevo also supports multiple tuner cards and simultaneous recordings.
    - m0n0wall similar to IPCop, but based upon FreeBSD for rock-solid stability.

    Productivity Tools:

    - Open Office 'includes Writer (Word), Calc (Excel), Impress (Powerpoint), Draw (Visio), Base (Access) and Math'
    - GIMP an open alternative to Photoshop

    Where to get *nix:

    - torrent files for all major distributions (remember that most distros will now have their own torrent trackers, also.)
    - If downloading, read the official distribution website for information and instructions.
    - Linux Emporium buy all of the latest distributions, from the download editions at a few pounds each to the official boxed sets.
    - Cheep Linux same as above, just a different business.
    - one of the UK's best mirror sites, obviously screwing some universitys bandwidth up!
    - Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Linux User Groups / Magazines
    - Edinburgh LUG
    - LUG UK Homepage
    - Linux Format

    IRC Resources
    - - previously openprojects irc network, a lot of main distro channels and LUG channels.
    - Small IRC network with *nix help.

    Linux From Scratch should help to serve the needs of anyone looking to dive into the deep-end [head-first from 40,000ft]. Includes compiling info etc.

    Please Note: This is not a complete list, but will be maintained to keep up to date with new information.
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