Strange issue with network, think a router firmware upgrade has messed up something.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dekadeka, Sep 10, 2015.

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  1. dekadeka

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    Nov 20, 2011
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    Ok, I run a 15 meter cable from my router to the hall into a switch, then theres 2 cables one for each bedroom which each have their own switch for the pc, smart tv and consoles in the rooms.

    Worked fine till last weekend, left pc on for a few days just slowly downloading a P2P folder, on day 3 I checked it after a few hours to notice the network had lost connection and said "unidentified network", I tried disabling network and it didnt work, and after 2 reboots of pc it worked again for a few hours but this time disabling and enabling ethernet connection worked.

    It was fine till I switched it off last night, been trying all day to get it working and a few hours ago decided to test the laptop connected to the cable in bedroom and still nothing so worked by way back to the switch in the hall and tried the other bedroom pc which also had nothing.

    I worked the fault to be something to do with the cable going from the router to the switch, when plugged into the switch instead of a solid green light I have a orange light that appears every few seconds slowly rather than a solid orange or green light,

    If I remove the cable from the switch and place it direct into laptop it works which rules out a break in the cable.

    However if I try another cable from router to switch the bedrooms in pc now connect.

    The other thing to mention is the issues started after I got a email from my ISP saying they are changing something on router(and I think they mentioned new firmware) only other thing is the cable that doesnt work is gigabit and cable that does is slower, the issue seems to be the computers are not getting a ip.

    Is it more likely a firmware update has messed up, if so how? Can the cable be faulty despite it working.

    I know a little less about cables but I know you can get crossover and regular ethernet, could this be why?
  2. thegreatpoobarr

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    May 4, 2015
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    So, the cable which doesn't work is Cat 6? But regular Cat 5 does work? I was going to suggest cross talk or RF noise causing issues wherever that cable physically is, but Cat 6 should be even less susceptible to this than Cat 5 is, so probably rules that out.

    Sod it, bin the cable that doesn't work and just go with what does. That's usually my ignorant approach.