SPECIAL OFFER: For forum members - Bunker Backup software.

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Thomas @ Kustom, Jan 27, 2006.

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    We’ve recently secured a special deal for our forum members. This is in response to the increasing number of cases where people have hard drives failing in their systems without a backup of critical data.

    Bunker Backup offer an internet based backup solution for computers. Simply download the software, and let the wizard guide you through the setup. You can select what folders to backup e.g My Documents, and what time you would like the backups to happen.

    Bunker backup will then upload your data to a secure vault on their server, which is encrypted by a password or “key” of your choice.

    The backup is incremental. This means that only those files that have changed will be backed up. For example, the first time you upload say 50mb worth of files, if by the next time the software starts backing up, you have only altered one or two files, then that is all that will be updated.

    Bunker Backup is not intended as a full system restore device, as the speed of even broadband internet would make this impractical. Rather it is intended to backup those files that you would consider to be most critical and irreplaceable, such as digital photos, or word documents. Programs can always be re-installed, but in a disaster situation where the computer hard drive has failed, you want to be sure that your irreplaceable data is safe.

    While there are other ways to backup in your house such as putting files on a CD or DVD, this does not protect against other risks such as flood or fire where your backups could also be damaged. Bunker backup being an off location service means that your critical files and data would still be safe.

    The special offer that we have for forum members is as follows.

    You can have a free trial of the software with no obligations for 14 days. This includes 500mb of storage for your critical files. At the end of the trial there is absolutely no obligation to continue.

    Members who choose to continue will get the true benefit. Normally Bunker backup charge a £99.50 +VAT setup fee for creating a new account. For our members, they will wave this fee, and you need only pay the monthly charge for your chosen vault size.

    When choosing how much storage you want online, remember that you need to consider how much you’re backing up, not the size of your hard drive. You’re My Documents folder may only be 200MB big. You can change and upgrade the size of your account should you decide you need more space.

    These prices are subject to change since this post was made, so please check the bunker backup site for the latest information.
    Size ..... Price(excl VAT)
    550 MB .... £5.95
    1 GB ....... £9.95
    2 GB ....... £13.95
    4 GB ....... £19.95
    7 GB ....... £29.95
    10 GB ..... £39.95
    15 GB ..... £57.95
    20 GB ..... £74.95

    The contract is month by month, so you can cancel at any time.

    In order to get this, you need to:
    1. download the file from Kustom PCs - click here to download the Bunker Backup software . This is simply the same program you would download from the Bunker Backup site, but with an identifier in it that lets them know you were referred by us.

    2. Then, if you decide to go ahead with the service, register on this page (http://www.bunkerbackup.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=80&Itemid=143) inputting Kustom PCs in the “Registered Reseller Name” field.

    Doing these two steps will automatically cancel the normal setup fee.

    We hope that our forum members will find this offer useful, and will try to bring you more like this in future.

    A discussion thread for this has been created here.

    Bunker Backup Webstie www.bunkerbackup.com
    Bunker Backup FAQs
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