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Discussion in 'Home Theatre Computing' started by saltynay, Nov 25, 2007.

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    May 2, 2007
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    Did some research about a year ago into this for a htpc idea, only problem is now that I have actually got the go ahead to make it I can't find the info on it . Wondering if you guys could help me with the research if you have some free time to find a few websites relating to this, I think it was this forum where I first learnt about it. IIRC you can use two methods for capturing the signal

    1) Use a capture card to watch the stream on the pc from the sky box but then you need 2 remote controllers and the pc isn't actually controlling the channels

    2) The inbuilt option (what I want to do) use a specific CAM pci card with a "dragon"(not sure thats the name???) chipset to plug the sky card into (for legal decoding of the signal) and then a tuner card to accept the stream from the satellite dish.

    found these so far: