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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Graeme*Kustom*, Aug 6, 2005.

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    Apr 23, 2001
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    As of today, we have taken the decision to close the trading areas, and new sales may not be started.

    Existing threads will be left open for another 10 days to allow existing sales to be completed and any details sorted out.

    To answer a few FAQs

    *Why has the sales area closed

    Ultimately our registration system - which was intended to solve a lot of issues - has really been a bit of a failure. While we have managed to significantly reduce the amount of fraud taking place on the forums, it has still occured on more occasions than we would have considered acceptable. Keeping contact details of users is only worthwhile if people are making themselves contactable, and this turned out not to be the case.

    Despite specific rules being in place to ensure fair transactions for everybody, these rules were often ignored and a lot of unneccesary tension was caused when trying to put these things right (either by common good of other users or by moderators).

    *Is the closure because of 'xxx' user?

    No, it's not down to anyone specific or any recent events - numerous problems have manifested over time and we feel there's more down sides to the trading area than pro's.

    *I am already registered, why can’t I post a new for sale thread?

    The area is closing to everyone, regardless of if you are registered or not. No new registrations are being processed.

    *What about my items I already have for sale?

    The For Sale forum will be open for at least another week to allow you to carry out your remaining sales that HAVE ALREADY STARTED. Do not add any further items for sale.

    *Will the For Sale forum open again?

    The thread contents will be kept for archive purposes, but there's no intention of opening the trading areas again.

    *Can you tell me how much my stuff is worth?

    Please don't post requests for valuation, it's just another way of initiating sales and as above that is not permitted. To find out what an item is worth, use the advanced search / completed listings option on ebay to see what people are paying for items on auction.


    It is a shame that's it had to come to this as the trading area was a busy area that the majority enjoyed, but as longer-term users will be aware of we closed it before in the hope of being able to improve a poor situation then. Unfortunately the 'second chance' did not prove itself and we just can't remain assosciated with such a liability.

    Thanks for your understanding,
Thread Status:
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