Raijintek ATX and Mini ITX Cases - Amazing Value

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    The Arcadia is an ATX Midi tower available in white or black, and includes a 120mm case fan (with room for 3 more), side loading hard drives and room for high end graphics cards - the internal edges are smooth and there’s cable routing points too, it’s a genuine bargain!

    Raijintek Arcadia USB 3.0 Case Black £24.95
    Raijintek Arcadia USB 3.0 Case White £24.95

    Raijintek Mitis are mini ITX cases with steel chassis and aluminium front panel - giving the look of a high-end product. A 120mm fan is included, there’s room for one 3.5” HDD and two 2.5” HDD / SSD, plus space for a 170mm length graphics card.

    It’s available with or without window, with blue, silver and black variants available now - more to follow!

    Raijintek Metis Classic (no window) £36.00 Raijintek Metis (window) £39.95