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Discussion in 'Games !!!' started by Samsonite, Jun 2, 2014.

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    Oct 28, 2004
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    As I wait to see what happens with Watch Dogs, I thought I would look at what open world games I have already and randomly picked the original Mafia game. I remember when I got it, I was a student and my PC was build a few years before so the game ran, but not super smoothly.

    It was the 3 CD version so I thought I would see how well it plays on new hardware. To make it run is nicely as possible, I made images of the 3 CDs onto an SSD drive (external) and installed onto that drive too - installation was lightning quick (big improvement) and the game, missions and cut-scenes all load instantly. The resolution is much higher too and everything is maxed - it does not look bad for a 12 year old game really. Plays so smoothly and the game is still seriously good!

    Just looking at adding a few select graphics mods, including unlimited draw-distance (that is probably the worst graphical aspect). Loving it again though - I don't think I ever completed it either, so worth playing again.

    Definitely going to see if some other older CD games run nicely from SSD (I know some have annoying DRM).