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    Name GS-LAN 22
    Dobbie Hall
    Main Street
    FK5 4BL
    Date 19:00, 15-17 August 2014
    Particpants 72+
    Minimum age 14 Years
    Parking space Yes

    Information For full direction instructions please visiting here. If you are under 18 you will required a parental consent form!
    Internet connection For light usage and game auth only.
    Payment instructions Your place will not be confirmed until we have received payment. Our preferred method is to receive your payment by paypal, this also entitles you to £20 tickets and to pick your seat.

    If you cant pay via paypal we will also accept cash. Please contact a admin for details.

    Please note, cash at the door will not confirm your seat, this is also priced at £25.
    Contact Email