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Discussion in 'Cars / Bikes' started by Velkro, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. Velkro

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    Jun 12, 2003
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    Fancied a new toy that would make me grin (no trips to ann summers required ;) ) After trying a merc a250 and a civic type r I opted for a new Audi S3 holy moly that thing is fun ;). Have kept my Leon Supercopa as it keeps the missus happy.

    Unfortunately the Leon has had to take a trip to the bodyshop due to an unfortunate incident a the garage. Took it in to get new front discs and pads and prior to me picking it up a member of their staff had a little inciDENT with my rear bumper ;(. hope they make a good job sorting it ;)
  2. Cosmo_1847

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    Aug 28, 2004
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    Sounds like a great pair of hot hatches you have there and from the same family too! No racing your wife to the shops!