Motus CEO talks (cross-platform) Darwin motion-control(ler)!

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    The success of the Wii has brought a lot of attention to motion-based game controls, and Motus has demonstrated a new controller that has the potential to bring motion control to any gaming platform.
    The Darwin controller is basically a motion-based controller that is competitive to the Wii, designed for the platforms other than the Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

    The engineers at Motus were able to develop its Darwin controller relatively quickly, because they spent years learning about motion-sensing technology while developing their first product - the iClub,
    a hardware and software package designed for golf instruction.

    The Darwin controller shares the familiar wand-like shape of the vanilla Wii Remote, but has more internal sensors that promise superior performance.

    We had a chance to speak with Motus CEO Satayan Mahajan to find out more about the Darwin controller and the company's plans to bring it to market.

    Read the interview on Gamespot.