Microlab Solo Series Speakers

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    There’s a set of Microlab Solo 6C speakers on demo in the store now, and we’re blown away with how good these things sound - powerful enough for any household application, and with great clarity and tight bass that doesn’t distort. Pop in and check them out sometime!

    Solo 1C Stereo Speakers £56.40
    60W RMS - 1” Tweeter, 5” Bass Drivers

    Solo 6C Stereo Speakers £78.00
    100W RMS - 1” Tweeter, 6.5” Bass Drivers

    Solo 8C Stereo Speakers £118.80
    110W RMS - 1” Tweeter, 4” Mid, 6.5” Bass Drivers
    RCA and Optical TOSLINK Inputs

    All models are housed in MDF Enclosures and include wireless remote control.