eSpark LAN #3 Milton Keynes 24th - 26th May

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    Here is the next event info!

    eSparkLan #3 24th-26th May 2013:

    Doors Open: 6:30pm 24th May.
    Finish: 5pm 26th May.
    Players: 24
    Location: York House, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

    BYOC weekend ticket (in advance): £12.50 (Reservation fee)
    BYOC weekend ticket (On the door): £15
    Day Ticket (limited number): £5
    Spectator weekend ticket: £5

    We are excited to announce our next event, eSpark #3! If you are interested in joining us go ahead and sign up (Message Me). Please remember that payment is needed to secure your seat should we fully book up.

    We are running the usual social and big games!

    Still not convinced? How's this:

    * Sweet ass projector: Displaying the latest event info and for gamez!
    * Awesome food discounts including 50% off Dominoes!
    * ProjectorGames return!
    * Random Prizes!
    * Random goodies from Aqua Tuning!

    AND THE NEW! Iron LAN challenge stolen from a recent LAN I attended it consists of multiple games that are silly to win something good ;)

    Save money on Kustom goodies are continuing their support of eSpark and are once again offering free delivery on any orders to be delivered to the event.

    Whilst we do have a timetable, we are flexible and you are free and encouraged to organise your own games if you wish.
    In the past some of the games we have played are:

    * Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    * Counter Strike: Source
    * Left 4 Dead series
    * Supreme Commander
    * Starcraft 2
    * Team Fortress 2
    * Trackmania
    * Unreal Tournaments
    * Quake 3
    * Kerbal Build Competition
    * Top Gear Lap time challenge
    * Fighting tournies (tekken etc)
    -- Suggestions more than welcome! And the full games list is released a week before, games are also at the LAN (This is a small taster!)

    Social Gaming

    * Console Games - Current and Retro consoles.
    * Rock Band
    * Group Games - A few things planned away from the computers

    More information?
    We can be reached on facebook mainly, IRC soon to be up

    Thanks! Espark

    Skype: Gamersunited22

    Rarely check here so use the above mediums if you could to contact me :)