eFragz #35 15th march 2013

Discussion in 'Other LAN Party Events' started by eFragz.Gremlin, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Hello Ladies and Gents

    eFragz #35 is just around the corner, roughly 9 weeks until the next event and time is flying by !
    And all is changing for this event, were kicking back a little staff included, on the positive side your gonna get more time to do what you want, with your friends and and new ones you make along the way. Unfortunately that means no compos, the last few years of hard competitons has taking its toll on the staff team and were gonna take this time to get back to doing what we love with group we love.

    So heres the rundown :

    March 15th 6pm - 17th 5pm
    Hoping for 72 jam packed seats.
    200mbps internet connection which has been rock solid the last 3 events!
    On site showers, canteen area, sleeping and camping space available.
    There will also be a KustomPC delivery to the venue on the day of the Lan any last minute goodies, spares or upgrades.

    For Further Info Plz visit or to book your tickets plz visit :


    Or get in contact at