Day of Dredd

Discussion in 'TV / Movies' started by Bryanese, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Good afternoon, citizens.

    So few comic book adaptations truly capture the essence of a comic's characters and universe; that's not to say that these films are bad but, for me, most play it safe and make their films too accessible to more people than just the comic's fan base. It makes sense, Hollywood exists to make money after all but it is just sooo damn refreshing to see an adaptation and think, "it's just like the comic book ... ". For me, that moment came when I watched this year's Judge Dredd adaptation, DREDD.

    Having been a reader of 2000AD for many years, I was well invested in Judge Dredd and to see the disturbingly gritty nature of Mega-City One captured on film alongside Dredd's uncompromisingly violent, yet controlled nature was a real triumph. If you've never seen it and just picture Sylvester Stallone when you hear the words "Judge Dredd", trust me, it's nothing like that cheese-coated-corn.

    Film making such as this deserves more than one adaptation to call its own and nearly one-hundred thousand people agree with me evidenced by the official 2000AD petition to "GET A DREDD SEQUEL MADE". If I can ask, can you kind people please pop your name down on the petition here, please?

    This is cheeky, but if you don't already own this excellent film can I ask you all to either buy the Dredd DVD/Blu-ray on Amazon (to keep it in the top sellers)/your preferred retailer OR simply watch it on Netflix as that helps too (if you've access to 'murican Netflix).

    If you're a member of Twitbook or Facespace you can show your support by using the #DayofDredd hashtag or liking the official page respectively.

    Thank you for your time, citizens! : )