Anyone looked at the Via Pico P720/820?

Discussion in 'Home Theatre Computing' started by DJHomeless, Apr 21, 2010.

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    Jul 19, 2002
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    My current HTPC is starting to die a slow death so I'm getting ready to build a new one. Have been reading some reviews of the new Via Pico mainboard which looks really ideal, though the reviews are less hands on and more PR-driven it appears.

    - passive cooled
    - HDMI+Spdif audio
    - 2gb RAM
    - Onboard HW acceleration for h.264, says it can handle up to 1080p
    - Pico form factor, aka really small

    While the reviews above talk about their htpc applications, most of the press releases I've found just hype up the embedded angle.

    Has anyone seen this in the wild? Doesn't appear that a lot of people stock this - which is a shame as it appears to be perfectly suited or HTPC situations.