​HotSwap Rack Fans. A couple of questions here.

Discussion in 'Cases / Modding Discussion' started by SeanB, Dec 10, 2015.

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    Dec 10, 2015
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    From the start perhaps I should state that my intention from the outset was to put together a good domestic workhorse. This has developed into a machine with substantial gaming ability as a bonus if I want it, but it is a workhorse first.
    (Plus it's the bestest toy that I have ever had so I have also got some blingy bits)

    I have put together a machine that uses 4 X Startech HotSwap Racks linked below.

    While this is a sturdy product, the noise of the fan is very loud.
    I have bought a Noctua 40X10mm fan to replace the onboard one and while it is a great improvement in terms of decibels, I now get the warning bleep every time I turn it on. This bleep can mean overheating or no HDD present in the drive. I can quite easily do without the warning bleep and the purpose of this post is to ask if anyone knows how to dissable this bleeping noise because it's getting on my bleeping nerves.

    The little cable adaptors that Noctua provide to connect the very fine Fan cables work a treat and are easy to use so there have been no mistakes made there. Red cable was connected to red cable, and black cable was connected to black cable. True, the Noctua fan did have an additional yellow cable that I did not know what to do with so I left it unconnected, and there was nowhere on the HDD rack to connect it. The stock fan has just two cables, red and black.

    Although the supplied Noctua fan cable connectors work just fine, they are a bit prominent in among all the other cables and individual Fan cables being so fine, it would be convenient if they could be re-routed to a safer place. The HDD rack has plenty of space at the side of the HDD for this to be done neatly but would require some smaller fan cable connectors that do not require any soldering.

    Does anybody know of the availabilty of very small 'Crimp Connectors' or the like, that would do the job ?