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Sky / MCE Integration with FloppyDTV S2

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  • Hi Shaggy

    Thanks for this useful info - it's still an area I want to revisit myself soon, will certainly take your points on board and hopefully we can do a detailed guide to bring this up to date again.
    Graeme Clark,

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    • Just to confirm that the Diablo Cam Version 2.3 using Underworld 198 firmware, is working for the new Sky WHITE cards.

      Was previously using Dragon -T-Rex Pred 3.69, all died on me, recieved Diablo Cam and all is well.


      • Just a heads up people there seems to be a problem with over volted readers burning cards out.

        IMS - the card should be 2.2 v and the cam is 3.6 or something , or maybe its the dreambox reader i read about...cant mind but i would suggest anyone messing with networking the dreambox as a card sharer get a bit clued up.....obviously I am not 100 percent certain as I dont do much with cards anymore.
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        • Hi,
          yes you do have to be careful not to burn out your sky card in the dreambox - thats why a recommend a pli jade image (firmware), cccam 2.1.2 and newcs 1.66 on the dreambox - the cccam and newcs can be downloaded from the menu built in to the dreambox.

          Then find a cccam config setup script that some kind chappie has written that will set the clockspeed just right to the sky cards needs.

          Everytime I think about making any adjustments to the setup i shudder at the thought as i need to relearn all the commands again - f lines, n lines etc.

          I have been toying with updating to cccam 2.1.4 but would need to rewrite the config file again and manually as i don't think there is a script out there for the 2.1.4 cccam config creation. Will need to hang around the cardsharing forums again and ask some questions.

          On a side note i have noticed predator 3.80 is out and about - has anyone tried this with a white sly card? It apparently has an entry in the file for the card.....